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General practice is many things but one of the main purposes of general practice is to provide primary health care. Primary Health Care Research and Information includes in their definition of primary health care in Australia “incorporates personal care with health promotion, the prevention of illness.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

Primary disease prevention includes all of those activities we associate with GPs including managing blood pressure and weight, assisting smoking cessation and reducing excessive alcohol intake in addition to dietary advice, monitoring cholesterol, blood sugar etc.  We organise screening for patients at risk of cancers, heart disease and hereditary and occupational diseases.  We perform testing such as Pap smears and skin checks.  For older patients we recommend and provide free annual health checks.  Our nurses are experienced in immunisation and child health checks.  We provide bulk billed health checks and Close-The-Gap prescriptions for indigenous patients who are generally recognised as being at higher risk for many diseases such as diabetes and kidney disease.

Illness prevention includes patient education to allow patients to make informed decisions that benefit their wellness and minimise the risks associated with predictable health care risks. At Tedder Avenue Medical Practice we pride ourselves on taking time to explain the basis for medical treatments.  When appropriate we incorporate other service providers such as dieticians, diabetic educators, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other allied health professionals in that education.  We try to be sensitive to alternate perspectives on health and may, when a patient indicates, include alternate medical practitioners such as herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, osteopaths, kinesiologists and Bowen therapists.

  • Quick diagnosis
  • Complex medical tests
  • Early identification and intervention

Preventative Health Starts Here

Our staff regularly engage in sports and fitness activities and encourage their patients to do so for weight management, mental health, and to prevent cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis etc…

Come and look at our shop-front television on Tedder Avenue where we provide information (on diabetes for example) to passers by.  At Tedder Avenue Medical Practice, we aim to engage people to make beneficial decisions to maximise their physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

People Say

Thank you so much to Dr Archana and Cathy for being so wonderful to my husband. He called me on leaving your surgery to say how much he loved you both. He was so sad this morning when he left to see you but was so much more positive when he came home. Thank you again!!!

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